“We’re following the market to where art logistics are needed”

January 10, 2018

Fred Weijgertse, CFA Group Vice President

First of all, I would like to wish a happy new year to all of our customers. It’s so difficult to pick out 2017’s highlights when you work in the art logistics industry. Everything we move is incredibly interesting and each piece of art is unique. I see it as an honor that we are trusted to pack, store and transport these items. The value is not important; every piece of art is priceless in our eyes. 
A vision for the future
At Crown Fine Art, the biggest achievement in 2017 was the progress we made in our vision and strategy, where we looked ahead to how we would like to see the company grow and develop. Our key goal is to further expand our global reach, and we have made bold steps in this direction, taking on a number of clients who are using our services in multiple continents. I’ve been fascinated to learn about customs procedures for ingoing and outgoing loans in new territories around the world. 
For me, one of the biggest events of 2017 was the American Registrars Conference, which took place in Vancouver. It was a great opportunity to meet colleagues and clients from all over the world who share our passion for art. 
Following market trends across the globe
We know that some of our clients are looking to global players in the fine art logistics market and that’s part of the vision for our future. I’ve seen an increase in art buying around the globe and that’s because there are a lot of new investors on the scene. At Crown Fine Art, we try to follow the market to where fine art logistics are needed. 
New and improved services for the new year
Over 2017, we’ve brought in some new services that we will begin to roll out over the course of this year. We’ve been implementing an Electronic Data Interchange to make easier bookings for shipments and remove a lot of manual work on both sides. Another new initiative is our viewing spaces. These spaces within our specialist storage facilities allow our private clients to hold viewings for buyers. 
A big focus for 2018 will be innovation in our packing options. We already offer bespoke climate-controlled packing that is hand-crafted by our own carpenters. Over the next year we hope to introduce a larger number of packing innovations, giving our clients more options when they ship their pieces. 
Looking to the future
Our long-term ambition is to offer consistently excellent services and expertise wherever our clients are in the world. We hope that whether you’re working in Amsterdam, India or the U.K., when we answer the phone to you, when you visit our facilities or when you see our packing crates, you’ll know you’re working with Crown Fine Art. 
 Fred Weijgertse, CFA Group Vice President
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