Art Central: the perfect solution

June 13, 2016

The Emery Walker Trust and William Morris Society are undertaking a multimillion pound refurbishment to their premises as part of their Arts and Crafts Hammersmith Project. 

To begin the refurbishment, over 4,000 objects, including a number of fragile and challenging items needed to be removed from the premises. Crown’s skilled technicians worked alongside the Arts and Crafts Hammersmith team to expertly pack and move the collection. Our team provided expert advice, technical assistance and materials to safely pack and move the collection.

Art Central, our new purpose-built facility in London, provided the perfect storage solution for the Arts and Craft Hammersmith Project team. Dedicated temperature and humidity controlled storage areas with private access have enabled the Project team to carry out archiving, digitizing and care work on the collection during the nine-month refurbishment.

Once the refurbishment is complete our team will transport the works back to their home and work with the Arts and Craft Hammersmith team to reinstall the works.

Simon Daykin, Project Manager at Arts and Crafts Hammersmith, commented: “We have been extremely impressed with Crown Fine Art’s highly skilled technicians and the Art Central facility itself which is allowing us to do essential work with our diverse collections in such a conducive and supportive environment.”

The Arts and Crafts Hammersmith Project

The project’s overall aim is to bring the lives and influences of Arts and Crafts pioneers and social activists Morris and Walker, and the stories held within their former West London homes, to a much wider audience so they are better understood, enjoyed, appreciated and valued.

Precious and important collections, including textiles, artworks, furniture, ceramics, carpets and wallpapers are to be preserved for future generations, and the heritage buildings that house them made fit for purpose. 

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