Crown Fine Art Amsterdam partners with Dutch designer in green initiative

August 15, 2014

Crown Fine Art in Amsterdam recently partnered with Dutch designers, Boudewijn van den Bosch and Niki Schoondergang at BEEmeubels, to recycle some of its purpose-built shipping crates.

The Rijkswachters project

  Photo courtesy of BEEmeubels: The Rijkswachters project

Our crates are made from fumigated wood. Interiors are lined to prevent friction damage and then sealed to provide protection against a range of climate changes. Where possible, we re-use our high-quality shipping crates, but in many cases, we spend a large sum of money disposing of them.

Until now, recycling the crates was not possible due to the foam and plastic layers glued to the wood. BEEmeubels will now, using innovative designs, use the wood from our crates to create fantastic and unique pieces of furniture.

The Dutch designers recently hit the headlines in a project together with the Rijksmuseum. They created the pictured "National Guards" - state guards made from the recycled crates that Crown Fine Art used when carrying out transportation projects for the Rijksmuseum during its ten-year renovation. Each Rijkswachter tells a different story, as each original individual transport crate safely stored a different piece of art.

And here is the fun part! Every wooden guard has its own number which you can look up to find out which piece of art was stored in it. Has yours provided a home for a Rembrandt masterpiece?

For further information on the Rijkswachters project, please click here.

BEEmeubels will now receive Crown's crates approximately three to four times per year, and will build more fantastic designs, including furniture - a great way to use recycled materials!


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