Crown partners with Articheck

January 27, 2016

Fine art is fragile, often irreplaceable, and generally high value. So naturally it attracts a hefty amount of paperwork, especially as it travels when it’s at greatest risk of damage.Crown partners with Articheck Pieces frequently loop the globe for exhibitions, art fairs and travel between private collections. Regular checks for damage before and after every movement prevent further damage and accurate documentation clarifies liability.

Condition reports are the lynchpins that hold this vital documentation together as they provide baseline information on each piece of artwork. Traditionally, condition reports are sprawling handwritten documents that are difficult to read, and often suffer from poor quality when done quickly.

Annika Erikson, founder and CEO of Articheck, came up with the idea for better and faster ways of condition reporting while working as a paper conservator at Tate, London. She wanted to focus on treatment, research and collection care instead of drowning in eternally expanding seas of paperwork. And thus, Articheck was born.

Articheck is an award-winning app which helps users create digital condition reports in minutes, instead of hours. It’s universal system is complete with an in-app guide; smart, customizable media templates; use of voice recognition features and its on-screen image annotations reduce human error and boost efficiency. Articheck brings all the tools and elements needed for the condition report process in one convenient mobile package.

Crown Fine Art has partnered with Articheck to offer an invaluable resource to its clients. Providing streamlined and legally verifiable documentation with the push of a button in a private and secure environment.

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