Chairman Jim Thompson to appear on Tycoon Talk

August 19, 2014

"Tycoon Talk" is a new business and lifestyle television program, produced and presented by Sean Lee-Davis for TVB Pearl.

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    Jim and his wife Sally Thompson

Celebrating the liveliness of Hong Kong's people, the new program will spotlight eight of the city's greatest entrepreneurs and business heads, including Crown's Chairman, Jim Thompson.

Episode three will reveal how Jim founded the Crown Worldwide Group in 1965, with just US$ 1,000. Crown is now the world's largest privately-held international relocations company, serving over 10,000 corporate clients in almost 60 different countries!

At the age of 74, Jim still serves as Crown's Chairman and the episode will look at his desire to continue to expand the company into other areas such as wine storage and fine art transportation. For further information on Crown Fine Art's specialist and expert art transportation services, please click here.

At Crown we know exactly how much our business impacts the environment. Our teams across the world work with local schools, health initiatives and charities to make each of the communities in which we work stronger as we grow. Tycoon Talk will also explore Jim's and his wife Sally’s involvement with a number of charitable organizations.

Watch out for Tycoon Talk, episode three, which will be aired on Thursday, August 21, and broadcasted to over 2.1 million households in Hong Kong at 9:30 p.m.

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