Crown’s Golden Relay kicks off in Japan

February 11, 2015

To celebrate turning 50 this year, every country in the Crown world is taking part in a global CSR campaign called “Crown’s Golden Relay”.

Crown's Japan Golden Relay
    As Japan complete the first leg of Crown’s Golden Relay,
    they pass the baton to Crown Hong Kong

Throughout 2015, each country will organize their own fundraising events to support a common cause, local charities that fund children’s education or health issues. The aim of this campaign is to raise US$ 50,000 collectively. In true relay style, each country will carry out their events in the order that Crown opened since 1965. As our roots were established in Yokohama, Japan had the honor of kick-starting the campaign on January 30.

Crown Japan chose to organize a cocktail party to support the Kids Earth Fund (KEF), a charity that raises money to help children who suffer from the result of war, poverty and environmental contamination. The money raised will provide food for a school in Cambodia that looks after 53 children with HIV. Over 80 of Crown's clients, service partners, friends and employees attended, raising a remarkable US$ 4,400 – exceeding its original goal of US$ 1,000 by 300 per cent! At the event, Jim Thompson, Crown's Founder, met with Harumi Torii, KEF's Founder.

Japan has already passed the baton to runner number two, Hong Kong.

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