Delicate beeswax artworks handled with care

July 2, 2018
In April, Crown Fine Art India handled the delicate artworks of Indian artist Hemali Bhutia as they were transported from Mumbai, India to the annual Art Brussels show in Belgium. Considerable research and testing was required to ensure that no damage came to the fragile gypsum-coated beeswax works in transit.
The artworks were pre-wrapped with a protective layer in order to prevent them from abrasion and our teams used inert packing material to ensure no acidic reaction to the beeswax. The collection was then snuggly packed with thick shock absorbers and rubber cushioning that had the desired degree of elasticity. This was designed to protect the works from external jerks, internal compression and climate conditions. Later, the voids in the packing case were cocooned with lint-free paper towelling. 
The exhibition of Hemali Bhutia’s work was the result of collaboration between her gallery in Mumbai and the Thalie Art Foundation in Brussels. The foundation praised Crown Fine Art India’s careful handling, commending our professional packing and clear communication during the course of the end-to-end transportation. 
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