The Safest Fine Art Vehicle in the World

December 4, 2018

Crown Fine Art invests in a new Direct Vision vehicle.

Providing security and peace of mind is a top priority for Crown Fine Art, which is why we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art vehicle to compliment our existing fleet. Our clients can take comfort in the high specification and special features, knowing their artworks are in safe hands.

Our Direct Vision vehicle is:

Safer for all road users – Increasing drivers view in front, sides and rear of the vehicle by 50%.

Safer for art – All axle air-ride suspension, tail lift, climate control and a full 360-degree recordable CCTV.

Tall – 313cm internal height, 15,000 kilo pay-load and 2.5 ton tail lift catering for almost any size artwork.

Agile – Able to handle the tightest of corners by rear steering and high visibility.

This type of vehicle is taking the UK one step closer to having safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians, with widescreen views and innovative technology. The truck complies with Transport for London’s vision to improve safety for other road users by 2020, which will also be adopted by other cities.

Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) make up less than 4% of the miles driven in a city such as London, but were involved in around 78% of cyclist fatalities and 20% of pedestrian fatalities in 2015. Our Direct Vision vehicle reduces HGV blind spots, and in association with other safety technology, minimises the risk of collision.

We look to continue to invest in further Direct Vision vehicles throughout 2019, making the UK streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

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