Galerie Forsblom merges with Lars Bohmand Gallery

September 12, 2016
Helsinki’s Galerie Forsblom and Stockholm’s Lars Bohmand Gallery are merging to become the largest contemporary art gallery in the Nordics.
2017 sees Galerie Forsblom turn 40 and Lars Bohmand turn 35. Over the years they’ve held exhibitions for international rising stars and well–known names.
Commenting about the merger, Crown Fine Art’s Managing Director, Fred Weijgertse, said: “This development creates a strong presence for these gallery in the Nordics, both benefitting from an increased public interest. The Guggenheim Helsinki Design, will bring fashion and restaurants including every aspect of culture from the Nordics. This will result in a huge increase in tourism and traffic to the Nordic countries. A great place to be!”
The gallery in Stockholm will open as Bohman Forsblom Gallery in January 2017 and Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki will continue under its current name.
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