Getting to know: Mieke Mesker

February 13, 2020

This Q&A shares the knowledge of Mieke Mesker, Head of Museums for Crown Fine Art Netherlands. She explains which artists inspired her to be a part of the art industry, and how sustainability is a key focus in the ever-changing art world.

What made you first interested in pursuing a career in the art industry?

I started my career at Gerlach Air, and decided to make a change when I started to develop more interest in art, moving from Gerlach Air to Gerlach Art Packers & Shippers.

Who are some of your favourite artists and why?

I am especially interested in the sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy, which really emphasise the character of their environment. However, the colourful work of Marc Chagall appeals to me, and the mysterious photos of Desiree Dolron

Sycamore leaves edging the roots of a sycamore tree, Hampshire, 1 November 2013 (Andy Goldsworthy)

What makes Crown Fine Art an interesting place to work? 

Crown Fine Art is dynamic, and very client-specific. Every day is a new challenge, and no day is the same. We are closely involved with our customers and their artwork, and I enjoy that we are able to witness and be a part of the end result; which is building a great relationship with our customers. 

What is something you are proud of being involved in at Crown Fine Art?

It is difficult to give just one example. Many of our customers have trusted us by giving us challenging and prestigious projects, including difficult installations, special crating, and project management.

What has been the biggest change in the art market in the past 5-10 years?

In terms of the art transport market, it has become much faster and more international. There are many travelling exhibitions that visit several venues across the world, which often makes art transport more complex. Also, the decision-making process has become much faster. 

In your opinion, what will be the most major change in the art market in the next 5-10 years?

Sustainability has become more and more important. Crown has made important steps in this area, from which we benefit. For Crown Fine Art in particular, this is also an important focus. For example, the use of recycling packing material is a huge focus in our organisation.

We are also helping the sustainability agenda by:

  • Equipping all of our trucks with Euro 6 engines. 
  • Our art handlers arriving on a bicycle for an installation or packing job - something which has seen a very positive response from our clients in Amsterdam. 
  • Running and developing our Artlines shuttle service, which frequently travels to several European destinations including Germany, Italy, the UK, Belgium, and France. This has enabled us and our customers to limit the number of trucks that have to travel within Europe. 
  • Developing an internal competition with our drivers to see who can drive the most economically. 

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