Harper’s Bazaar Arabia highlights CFA’s regional expertise

January 22, 2018

Our Middle East Manager discusses regional growth and challenges with the leading art publicationGus Van Geijtenbeek and Crown Fine Art team members

Our Crown Fine Art office in Dubai was recently featured in the leading art publication in the Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. In the article, our Regional Manager, Gus Van Geijtenbeek, discusses the growing art market in the Middle East and the differences of art handling in locations where weather might bring challenges. 
The article highlights the increasing number of international shows and cross-cultural exchanges taking place in the growing Middle East market, including the recently opened Louvre Abu Dhabi. The industry in the region is young, Gus points out, so using experienced art logistics experts is crucial to ensuring the smooth transition of works of art. 
Organizing an exhibition in the region, Gus says, requires careful consideration of factors such as heat, humidity and regional customs regulations. For his consultants, preparation for all eventualities is 90 percent of the work involved in any art move. 
In addition to understanding every stage of the journey a piece of art will take, Gus describes the specialist materials his teams use to protect precious works from the region’s particularly high temperatures. 
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