How to pack 3D objects for transit?

December 23, 2019

Shipping sculpture art is a completely different ball game to packing and shipping paintings. As an artist or art collector you may be terrified of sending your prized and cherished artwork through regular packing service providers. But there is a lot you can do to safeguard your art as it makes the journey to its final destination.

Depending upon the weight and size of the sculpture, packing methods for transporting it is devised. Mostly for three dimensional objects, a wooden case or crate must be made for transit and if it is travelling to an international destination, then it must be fumigated before shipping.

It is important to pre-wrap the sculpture with a soft tissue and inert packing materials so that the stuffing material does not abrade the surface of the object. The sculpture must then be cocooned with a soft paper quilt or lint free paper stuffing. A further shock absorbing layer of rubber or foam should be placed under the sculpture base for added safety. It is important to note that the cushioning layer used in packing must have the required elasticity and density to protect the object. Thereafter,  the voids in the packing case can be filled with foamed beads.

In case of heavy sculptures, it is a must to carefully study the structure to determine its centre of gravity and likely points of support. Accordingly, wooden braces of accurate measurement must be fitted inside the case. Inaccurate placement of wooden braces can cause strain on the sculpture and can lead to its damage in the event of the packing case being tilted during transit. All the wooden braces and case must be screwed and not nailed, so that it is easily dismantled while uncasing the sculpture. Smaller sculptures can be put in a single case with different compartments.

Sealed case, ‘fragile’ signs and orientation for handling must be indicated on the exterior of the wooden case to ensure that a sculpture travels safe.

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