Jim Thompson, Crown's Chairman and generous philanthropist, talks to The Peak Hong Kong

October 24, 2014

Jim Thompson, our Chairman, was recently interviewed by Ryan Swift, Associate Publisher and Chief Editor, for The Peak Hong Kong.

Jim Thompson talks to The Peak Hong Kong
    Jim Thompson talks to The Peak
    Hong Kong

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In the interview, entitled Crowning Moments, Jim reveals his personal ethos: When good fortune does you a favor, you owe it to the world around you to repay that debt. The article heavily focuses on the well-known beginning of The Crown Worldwide Group and its CSR activities, Jim's devotion to giving back to the community and his key concerns in the area of education.

Ryan describes Jim as one of the kindest men in Hong Kong business - a generous philanthropist who supports local projects and charitable organizations. And it runs in the family!

Click here to visit The Peak Hong Kong website and read the full article in the October 2014 issue.

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