Jim Thompson Featured in Forbes Asia

January 22, 2013


Jim Thompson, Chairman of the Crown Worldwide Group, is featured in the January 21 issue of Forbes Asia. The article, Jim Thompson's Precious Cargo, written by Russell Flannery, Forbes Staff Writer, describes Mr. Thompson's  journey to building a global brand, Crown Worldwide. Mr. Thompson propelled his company, starting from a relocation business, to where it is today--six businesses at the top of each industry they are in. 
The article also recognizes the forward progression of Crown's fine art logistics business. It notes the growth of the business unit through Crown's strategic acquisitions of John Nurminen Prima last year and Lavanchy in 1999. With each acquisition, Crown Fine Art has built a stronger global network and made inroads into the important fine arts markets. Today, due to Mr. Thompson's vision of offering a global network, expertise and highly specialized services in the arena, Crown Fine Art has become a leader in the arts logistics industry in a short period of time. Growth potential for the fine art division is exponential. As Mr. Thompson stated, "The (fine art) service can grow by ten times [before] we get to the point that we want to get to."
Mr. Flannery ended with this thought on Jim's Precious Cargo: "The arts logistics operation can certainly differ from Crown’s regular household moving business. Museum curators travel with their art at all times." He continued, "In some cases the art is carried in trucks that are unmarked; they may sport Crown’s logo but don’t say 'Crown Fine Art' to help prevent theft."  As Mr. Thompson said about the fine arts logistics business, "In one way it’s a scary business that you’re in. In another way, it’s very prestigious." 
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