Jim Thompson Gains Global Press as he reaches 75 push-ups

February 3, 2015

It has become tradition that on his birthday every year, Jim Thompson, Crown’s Chairman, marks the occasion with the same amount of push-ups as his age. This year was extra special as Jim turned 75, in the same year as Crown celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Taking place in the Holdings office in Hong Kong, and with encouragement from the Crown teams, Jim reached 75 push-ups in a record-breaking 47.68 seconds! Jim expressed his happiness in reaching the age of 75 happy and healthy.

As Jim is an iconic figure and role model, this news was of great interest to media outlets around the world. Press coverage was received globally in publications such as South China Morning Post, London Evening Standard and even his profile in Forbes was updated.

Tomorrow, Crown turns 50, come back to read about the Crown story since 1965.

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