Moving nature

July 22, 2016
Crown Fine Art Amsterdam was recently enlisted to move and install the exhibition Into Nature by the American artist Marc Dion at the Drents Museum in Assen. The solo exhibition is part of a larger project: Into Nature art expedition which is currently taking place at the Drents Museum. 
With his artistic “research work” on nature, his passion for collection and his precise ecological questioning, the American artist Mark Dion engages with the primeval relationship between man and his environment.
Yet instead of lapsing into romanticized yearning for nature, he specifically questions traditional ways of thought and teaching. As Mark Dion puts it: “My work is not really about nature, but rather it is a consideration of ideas of nature”.
The most challenging part of the installment for the Crown team was assembling The Library for Birds, a large birdcage six meters in diameter and height, only using photographic instructions. When the cage was built, a freshly felled tree from a nearby forest was placed inside and dressed up with book shelves. After which, life birds were added.
The other challenge was installing the two treehouses, where again the team only had two photos to reference. 
Our team successfully finished the installment with the aid of two lifting ramps.
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