Mummy's the word

May 24, 2017

Our Italian team had a very unique opportunity to work with a priceless treasure 2500 years old. Mummy Usai is scanned as part of a restoration operation

At the request of the Archaeological Museum of Bologna, and in collaboration with the Evolutionary Medicine Institute of Zurich University, we delivered Mummy Usai to Sant'Orsola hospital for specialists to perform a scan as part of a restoration operation.

Having lived in the 6th century BC, Mummy Usai is now the star of the Bologna Museum and sees thousands of visitors each year. This operation was the last step in a very complex renovation process designed to reveal the habits of the most important officer in the 26th dynasty of Egypt!

Our team were filmed during this exceptional project and broadcast on the television channel Rai Uno in Italy. Check out the video (voiceover speaks Italian). 

Mummy Usai is placed on the scannerState of the art technology provides a deeper insight into the Mummy Usai operation
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