Sculpture takes center stage at Art Basel Miami Beach

December 5, 2017

Exhibition displays territorial art and talks explore relationships between makers and the market

This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, which kicks off this week, will focus on the power of sculpture in its public exhibition and will explore the relationship between artists, collectors and gallerists in its talk series.

The show’s outdoor gallery in Collins Park has been framed around the theme Territorial. The 11 site-responsive works are intended to explore how pieces of sculpture claim territory through size, scale, intensity and sound. The theme also refers to the move by artists of the 60s to find new sites outside of traditional art institutions for their sculptures.

Philip Kaiser, curator of the Public sector at Art Basel Miami Beach, said: “Since time immemorial, sculpture has been territorial, commanding and authoritarian. Even when sculpture is presented with utmost restraint and elegance, it asserts its own physical space that we inevitably must share with it.”

The series of talks taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center will explore topics from the threat of conservativism on American culture, to the role of artists in the discourse surrounding climate change.

Talks aimed at collectors include “Beyond Collecting: What is Patronage?” a discussion among collectors who have expanded their participation in art to commissioning new works, opening foundations and supporting museums and publications. Also exploring the link between makers and the market, “The Artist and the Gallerist,” will be a conversation between artist Eduardo Brandão and gallerist Dora Longo Bahia about their working relationship.

Innovation is a big topic among struggling museums and middle-market galleries. In “Digital Museums and Virtual Audiences, a panel of experts will discuss how digital innovation is slowly but surely changing the museum world. Innovations such as searchable databases, interactive gallery displays, social media platforms and virtual reality platforms are just some of the museum innovations that will feature in the discussion.

Meanwhile, middle-market galleries are innovating to overcome the dip in their sector. “Is Innovation Enough for Middle-Market Galleries?” will look at the itinerant gallery models and communal and multi-city sharing systems that gallery owners have developed to cope. It will also look at the roles artists play in these non-traditional gallery models.

For a detailed rundown of events and to register, visit the Art Basel Miami Beach website.

Sculpture takes center stage at Art Basel Miami Beach

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