Some tips to keep your art monsoon-smart

September 26, 2019

Monsoon has its own beauty which has inspired many artists to create their masterpieces. But it also has its own perils pertaining to environmental damage on your artworks. In this article we would like to highlight some of the preventive ways to care of your art collection during monsoon, so that you continue to enjoy the beauty of your collections while it rains out there. 

Higher the Better

Ensure that your artworks are not kept in the basement or lower floors because data suggests that a large percentage of artworks get damaged during heavy downpour leading to water logging. This leads to complete deterioration of your collection. If your artwork is covered under insurance then please check for stillage warranty clause in your policy document. Stillage warranty covers the risk of your collection stored in basement or ground floor and is placed on racks, shelves or stillage, six inches above the floor level. This risk cover can give you some relief if circumstances does not allow you to store your artworks on the higher floors.


Looking similar to a paper, Tyvek is a light-weight moisture resistant wrapping material to shield your collection from high level of humidity or direct contact with water. One layer of Tyvek wrapped around your artefacts can protect it from almost all kinds of environmental damage during transportation or storage.

Absorbmatic poles

You can place few absormatic poles in the corners inside the room where artworks are placed. Absormatic poles are compact bags of silica gel which is easily available online or local hardware store. Silica gel has the property to absorb and dry out the moisture from the surrounding. This is to prevent the artefacts from moisture induced damage like fungal, mould and mildew growth.


The above tips will surely help you to maintain your collection and extend its longevity for you to cherish. For further information on how we can help, please contact us on +91 8080 322 322 or email us at 


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