Specialist storage and expert knowledge aid museum’s refurbishment

July 16, 2015

The Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, an open-air museum in Arnhem in the Netherlands is currently refurbishing its facilities. Storage with a melodyEarlier this year, Crown Fine Art were tasked with helping pack a small part of its cultural heritage collection and transport it to Crown’s own fine art storage location.

The artwork

Among the various pieces was the dancing organ, ‘Blauwe Mortier’. The organ was built in 1913 for a ”Dancing Salon” in Zeeland, the Netherlands. In 1953 it was badly damaged during a great flood but was restored and subsequently acquired by the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum in 1978. The museum has helped to keep the organ in good playing condition for years – and now we are proud to take on this important role.

Crown’s solution

As well as storing the item in our temperature and humidity controlled facility we have been asked to play the organ once a week for 15 minutes to help keep the mechanics of the organ in good working order. Playing the organ requires specialist knowledge and ability so two of our technicians have been trained so we can meet our client’s requirement. It means we can preserve this piece of history while the museum refurbishment takes place.

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