Storing art in Hong Kong? Here’s what you need to know

January 17, 2019

Storing art in Hong Kong? Here’s what you need to know

Hong Kong has come a long way as Asia's arts hub. It attracts a variety of commercial art galleries such as Art Basel, Art Central and Fine Art Asia, and becomes a destination city for international collectors, curators and art personalities. With the growing demand for storage, art lovers in Hong Kong continue to seek space in an increasingly cramped city. Enter fine art expert and director of Crown Fine Art Hong Kong & Macau, Tommy Chan. With over 13 years of experience in handling fine art pieces in Crown, Tommy has figured out how to fit and store precious art pieces. We caught up with Tommy, who shared his top storage tips and tricks to survive the small storage space in Hong Kong.


1. Humidity  

It is vital that artworks sensitive to extreme humidity are well protected. For example, humidity value of 20 to 30 is too low for oil painting, whereas high humidity would help mold grow. Some people store their valuable paintings at home with 24 hours of air conditioning, however it can be quite challenging to achieve a climate controlled home environment. A specially-designed fine art warehouse offers temperature and humidity controlled environment to protect your artworks against climate fluctuation. 

2. Storage and packaging

Crown Fine Art uses non-acidic material as the first layer of packaging, this material will not cause any damage to the artwork even it touches the art’s surface. Nevertheless, our fine art specialist would not let the material touch the surface of the art in the packaging process because the thickness of the paint affects the drying times, some oil paintings might take months to fully dry before varnishing.

3. Safety and security

In a warehouse of valuable art collections, it is important to treat each of them with love and care. In Crown Fine Art, we conduct a background check of every employee to ensure that every employee is honest and has no criminal record. We have five warehouses in Hong Kong, most of which are our own properties. If you store your artwork in a shared warehouse or mini-storage centres, you would never know if someone stores flammable materials or dangerous goods. The most important thing is to let our clients know that their precious artwork is in safe hands. Crown has recently become the first international fine art handling company to achieve a full set of internationally recognised standards.


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