The fine art world is filled with many stories

May 13, 2015

The fine art world creates many stories: Stories about rare paintings being sold at unimaginable prices, unknown works of art suddenly discovered in a dark castle and being addressed to a famous painter or even red carpet events during big blockbuster openings.

The fine art world is filled with many stories
Working in the Netherlands means handling world famous works

Having worked in this industry for 16 years, it’s no surprise that people still always ask me about “inside stories” from the fine art world. Ordinarily, we’re not able to share such stories until the project is completely finished and all art works are once again safely home with their owners. Even at this time, I take great pleasure to share our stories, of which we are always very proud.

There is one story in particular that moves me more than any other story we share. At this time, every year in the Netherlands, we remember the victims of the second world war, which always reminds me of the Frank Family heritage. We’ve had the honor of packing and shipping parts of this heritage on several occasions. One day in 2006, we transported a big collection to Amsterdam for the exhibition “Anne Frank, her life in letters”. All of the items, which included Anne Frank's diary were very small. Our people involved in this project were extremely aware of this little red book’s importance, they were touched by moving it. To them, working in the Netherlands means handling world famous works of art almost on a daily basis. Every art work is unique and irreplaceable, no matter its monetary value or its maker. However, this shipment was extra special for most of us. I felt tremendously relieved once the shipment had safely arrived in Amsterdam.

On the opening night of the exhibition, the last living relative of Anne Frank and one of the helpers during her hiding period, shared their stories. Seeing how much the diary, the pictures, postcards and letters mean to them, really made me aware of how bridge objects and art works can form a connection between us in our current lives and our past.

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