Things you should know about fine art shipping and storage as an artist

December 31, 2019

Make sure you artworks are covered

It is better to be safe than sorry. At Crown Fine Art, we recommend you to avail transit insurance to give you peace of mind when transporting your work of art. No matter how reliable and secure the packing process, there is always a chance that something could go wrong, so it makes sense to protect yourself in case of an accident or emergency.

The case of custom cases

Transporting fine art is an art itself. It is a specialised process which needs careful handling and expert knowledge. Therefore to secure valuable artworks we recommend custom cases to artists. Our crates are made from fumigated wood and provide complete protective cushioning from shock or vibration. Interiors are lined to prevent friction damage and sealed to provide protection against a range of climate changes.

To ship by sea or air

This isn’t always an easy decision — you need to consider the best, safest and the quickest transport modes. Artists should know there are a number of freight services, including commercial air freight, flight courier (for urgent shipping or a more personal service) and fine art shipping by sea. Shipping by sea tends to be much more cost-effective and suitable for large-volume shipments.

Select the fine art movers carefully

Before you hire a service provider, research and learn as much as you can about the reputation of the service provider among your fraternity, art galleries and auction houses. Reputation is everything in fine art moving and a simple enquiry about the service provider would let you discover the credentials of the company.

We are a global fine art logistics, shipping and installation specialist and from Crown owned operations in most of the world's major art centers we are able to offer expert assistance, as well as the care and commitment required to handle the world’s most precious objects. At the heart of Crown Fine Art are specialists with a dedication and passion for the fine art business – everyone involved has the skills and experience to ensure the safety of the art in their care. We take a personal approach to every one of our projects.

Storage and security

The safety and preservation of artworks is paramount and our high-security facilities include climate control, fire suppression systems and full temperature and humidity control. Our facilities are of the highest standard and incorporate the most up-to-date security measures and access standards.

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