Trends you’ll see in the art market

April 8, 2016

Crown’s Cindy Zalm, General Manager, shares five changes to the art market we can expect to see in the near future. Trends you'll see in the art market

1. Buyer demographics will shift

There will be an increase of buyers from a younger generation with a high disposable income.

2. Art taste

New buyers means new taste – we’ll see more sales in post-war and contemporary pieces as opposed to antiques. 

3. Method of purchase

The split between buying via a dealer or auction house and fairs will grow. Customers that use dealers see buying art as an experience. They appreciate networking and meeting the artist. Whereas online sales are more about quick and convenient buying.

4. It’s won’t just be about art

Designer bags and furniture, clothes and memorabilia will more widely become seen as and collectable items.

5. What you see will change

With prices for the most prestigious pieces booming, it’s likely that museums in many parts of the worlds will increasingly be unable to buy these items less and less. 

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