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The financial capital of the country is a city of emerging art scene.

With a diverse and larger audience Mumbai is a hub for the Indian art market. Home to public art galleries like Jehangir Art gallery, National gallery of modern art and mushrooming commercial art galleries.

Recipient of heritage conservation awards from UNESCO, Mumbai takes pride in its archaeological sites, museums and gothic architectural buildings.

The ancient rock art of Elephanta caves, MV Dhurandar’s historic painting, Raja Ravi Varma’s mythological lithographs, revolutionary paintings during the time of independence has contributed immensely to the art-world of Mumbai.

Prestigious J J School of Art has given rise to the eminent artists of the country leading to pioneering art movements and developments in the nation.

Mumbai hosts the famous Kala Ghoda festival with major art events and art fairs all around the year. The city holds elite auctions every year leading to record breaking sales. This city is home to millionaires and billionaires, inspiring their thoughts and connecting them through art.

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