Events Diary 2017

February 25, 2017
Date: 02/25/17 - 04/20/17

The Coachella Valley and its desert landscape will become the canvas for a curated exhibition of site-specific work by established and emerging artists, whose projects will amplify and articulate global and local issues...

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March 2, 2017
Date: 02/03-17 - 02/05/17
The Armory Show showcases 20th and 21st century artworks by established and emerging artists. The show intends to introduce the international community to the...
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March 8, 2017
Date: 03/08/17 - 05/08/17
The inaugural Honolulu Biennial 2017 (HB2017) showcases the diversity of ideas, art, and culture from the people who live today throughout the places connected by the Pacific Ocean. It will include contemporary art from...
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