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As visitors transition through a beautifully curated space, the app can tell the stories behind each object, as well as alert them to forthcoming exhibitions and promotions. It can even allow sponsors greater opportunities to engage with the gallery or museum’s audience too.

Why choose us?

SmART/Tech Bluetooth Interact provides a range of services designed to help you, including:

  • Uses smartphones technology instead of traditional venue equipment
  • Provides visitors with a safer, more interactive and cost-effective experience in their own language
  • Streams analytics and data, allowing venues to make informed curatorial decisions
  • Provides footfall heat maps to help improve exhibiting environments and make a more seamless experience

SmART/Tech provides four clear features:

The Art Russe Collection at Beaulieu


In 2019, we worked with Beaulieu in Hampshire to create a new exhibition space for a private collector, utilising an important 12th century Cistercian wall that dates back to the days of William the Conqueror.

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Brasenose College, University of Oxford

The Lightbox is a public gallery and museum space owned by the art collector, Chris Ingram who is best known for the Ingram Collection.They had never loaned works to an institution before, so looked to Crown Fine Art for expert advice on a secure installation.

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