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Door to door transportation

Air freight

We offer a seamless air freight service that includes all handling and brokerage procedures plus witness loading supervisors and a courier escort.

International sea freight

Our shipping service is available for monumental works, or large collections where there is more time available. This is often a more economical method of transportation.

Customs and legal procedures

When shipping internationally, we offer a complete service, taking care of all import and export customs procedures. This means we’ll arrange all the necessary paperwork and, if required, supervise inspections.

Airport services

Our specialised airport service will enable us to transport your art work using our well-established network of contacts and agents to enable efficiency and security.

We are well established in air freight and airport security enabling us to provide a seamless service. Our excellent working relationships with the airlines and airport handling staff guarantee  quick and safe passage through airport cargo warehouses. 

Our experts have years of knowledge and long-established relationships with art insurance companies. As a result, we’re in a position to offer advice on the best options for a complete door to door art transport service that is entirely bespoke. 

Whatever the requirement, we ensure that all works of art arrive safely and on time. 

Privileged airport security clearance
DfT Regulated Agent status
Air courier service.

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