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This unique installation project for Crown Fine Art Dubai was based in the beautiful Al Hefaiyah Mountain Wildlife Centre. This wildlife conservation center featuring extensive art displays is located in the mountains  outside of Kalba City, UAE. The center is due to open Spring 2016 and is set to attract thousands of tourists and locals who can get  up close to the stunning yet endangered species residing there. Visitors can also expect to enjoy some beautiful artworks too. 

In pride of place, opposite the Arabian leopard enclosure the Crown Fine Art handlers installed a total of 68 leopard prints which express the danger of this leopard’s future. These 68 artworks account for one third of the entire population of Arabian leopards alive today.

The entirety of artworks included in this project were selected and orchestrated by Sophy Cave, Creative Director of Sophy Cave Design. Sophy Cave has successfully completed a number of similar projects throughout the UAE. It was a pleasure to work with Sophy and be involved in such a unique project.

If you are interested in checking out more information on the Al Hefaiyah Mountain Wildlife Centre then please follow the link:

Place –   Kalba, United Arab Emirates, Al Hefaiyah Mountain Wildlife Centre

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