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In early 2013, Crown Fine Art accepted an exciting challenge: to manage all of the logistics relating to the organization of a major exhibition commemorating the 400th anniversary of the birth of Italian painter Mattia Preti*. Entitled “Between Caravaggio and Luca Giordano: Mattia Preti, the Knight from Calabria”, this exhibition was to feature more than 40 of Preti’s paintings.

The work began even before the artworks could be transported to their destination in Turin, as Crown Fine Art needed to design and build – within a five-day timeframe - 40 bespoke crates in which to pack the extremely large artworks. These included not only the Mattia Preti paintings but also masterpieces such as Caravaggio’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt, on loan from one of the most famous private collections in Europe.

In a transportation process coordinated by four separate branches of Crown Fine Art, involving a team of over 20 couriers, the artworks were brought from locations all over Europe to La Venaria Reale. Once there, the priceless paintings had to be lifted into the building by crane, due to the size of both the crates and the paintings, and the fact that the exhibition was taking place on the second floor of the building.

The Crown team, used to managing complex installations under pressure, rose to the challenge.

Here at Crown Fine Art Turin we love a challenge – and lifting 40 crates of priceless artwork by crane into an Italian royal palace certainly proved to be that.”

Elio Chiafalà, General Manager, Crown Fine Art Italy

* Born in Calabria, Mattia Preti is widely recognized as one of the leading lights of 17th century Italian art. He was made a Knight of Malta by Pope Urban VIII.

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