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Crown Fine Art, Paris, helped to realise a major exhibition, organised by the Reunion des Musees Nationaux, to celebrate the ‘myth’ of Bohemia and the Bohemians at the Grand Palais.

Designed by Robert Carsen Bohemias is an exhibition to be experienced. Visitors tread a long road through the centuries and encounter the most picturesque representations of the travellers. Then they step into the artist’s world, his garret, studio and hideouts, and end up in Montmartre cafés. Stepping out of the cabaret to go on their way, they are suddenly sobered by the sight of the Zigeuner room in the Degenerate Art exhibition in Munich in 1937.

Journeying through four centuries and some fifteen themes, Bohemias sheds light on a phenomenon which traverses the history of art and society from Leonardo da Vinci to Picasso and still resonates in our contemporary world. Like Puccini’s opera, this exhibition aims to be a popular event, mixing fantasy and gravity, show and melancholy, misery and glory.

Crown Fine Art organised the packing and shipment of 213 artworks (paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, photos) from 79 lenders spread across 13 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, UK, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, USA) and took care of 49 couriers.

Transported by road and air, the exhibitions massive tally of works was systematically unpacked and installed by Crown Fine Art at the Grand Palais involving ten art handlers worked over eleven days.

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