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Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is an international hub for passengers and freight. It provides an important connection between European road transport and intercontinental flights. Consequently it is strategically essential to have a base here for any kind of logistics, fine art included.  Read more



Beijing is the capital of China. Its historical heart lies in the Forbidden City. But in the past decade a lot of the old city has been replaced by dazzling new buildings.  Read more



The attractive city of Brussels close to Zaventem airport. The beauty of the city is that it accommodates trade and business from the smallest to the biggest kind. Read more



Although among the oldest inhabited regions, as a centre for the fine art market the Middle East and UAE is in a vigorous youth. 
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As a vibrant hub for both commerce and culture, the metropolis of Frankfurt is located in the heart of continental Europe. Read more


Hong Kong

In 2011 Hong Kong overtook the USA as the world’s largest art and antique market. Read more


Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia has seen some very dynamic growth in the local art scene since the inception of its first art auction in 2010. The number of local auction houses has grown from one auction house in 2010 to four auction houses by the end of 2013. Read more



With its origins going back to the Roman days, located on the lively river Thames and the biggest urban zone in the European Union, it really is no surprise to find huge amounts of both old and contemporary art of every category in this vibrant, historical city. Read more



Milan and fashion seem to be synonyms, but Milan is also known for furniture design, opera, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s decorations in the Santa Maria delle Grazie (a UNESCO World Heritage site). 
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Moscow is the capital of Russia and houses several important museums. Read more



With a diverse and larger audience Mumbai is a hub for the Indian art market. Home to public art galleries like Jehangir Art gallery, National gallery of modern art and mushrooming commercial art galleries.
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New Delhi

New Delhi has always been an inspiration with its art and cultural exclusivity. The perfect blend of rich history, ancient culture and modernization gives a great backdrop for its thriving art scene.Read more



Oxford is in the south of England and is a world famous city of science and education. Read more



Paris, the City of light, is one of the most visited cities, not least among its attractions are its museums and galleries. Read more



Shanghai has the largest city population of China and probably of the world. It is a financial centre and the busiest port of the world. 
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St. Petersburg

Tsar Peter the Great not only gave his name to this city, but also left it one of the most important collections.
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The Art Russe Collection at Beaulieu


In 2019, we worked with Beaulieu in Hampshire to create a new exhibition space for a private collector, utilising an important 12th century Cistercian wall that dates back to the days of William the Conqueror.

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Brasenose College, University of Oxford

The Ingram Collection is one of the largest and most significant publicly accessible collections of Modern British Art in the UK. The collection looked to Crown Fine Art for expert advice on a secure installation.


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