Company history

Crown Fine Art is a growing company which is built on the legacy of a number of highly respected companies in the fine art logistics business.

Gerlach Art Shippers and Packers, John Nurminen Prima, Oxford Exhibition Services and Lavanchy are all now merged into Crown Fine Art.

By buying the Swiss company Lavanchy in 1999, Crown also came into possession of the French Fine Art department of Lavanchy. This department was renamed Crown Fine Art.

Crown Fine Art in the UK bought Oxford Exhibition Services (with a 27 year history in fine art) in 2010.

Gerlach Art Packers and Shippers in the Netherlands (founded in 1989) was sold to John Nurminen Prima (JNP) in 2008. JNP was a Finnish company, founded in 1886.

When Crown Fine Art bought JNP in 2011, it had branches in Finland, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and China.