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Scheduled transport between European cities

Crown makes it easier for everyone to transport art in safe hands across the European continent.
We provide a weekly European shuttle through our very own Crown network.
Crown Fine Art fleet vehicles are all equipped with air suspension and air conditioning, alarm systems and GPS tracking.
Crown’s trucks conceal a wealth of safety and security features. 

Care and climate control 

All Crown Fine Art’s vehicles are equipped with climate control systems visible to the driver and courier at all times.
Crown’s system is the highest standard among European fine art shippers for the depth of monitoring and reporting. With extra sensors throughout the hold, it collects more data to provide customers with a complete understanding of conditions throughout the journey.

GPS Fleet Management System

Every shipment is protected by a constantly monitored, web-based GPS tracking system. The industry leading software tracks vehicle movements ensuring safety and efficiency on the road.
Crown Road Transport Managers manage vehicles from Crown’s European offices where they can set parameters for each journey. Journeys can be restricted to specific routes, with alarms triggered and action taken if the driver deviates from a proscribed route.
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