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The château of Fontainebleau was host to Pope Pius VII twice. The first time he was a guest when he traveled to Napoleon's coronation in 1804. The second time he was a prisoner, between 1812 and 1814. From 1796 until 1814, Rome and Paris were most notably embroiled in a bitter struggle over iconography.

Fontainebleau is in this respect one of the places that best embodies the tumultuous relations between Rome and Paris, one of whose expressions is the "image war" being waged between the two powers of 1796 to 1814.

The exhibition was held in the Papal apartment and the Salle de la Belle Cheminée of the castle. It contained nearly 130 items, some never displayed before, including loans from the Vatican museum and the papal sacristy. Many of the works have a story to tell beyond their artistic creation, as they included diplomatic gifts, stolen art treasures, and official French propaganda.

Crown Fine Art coordinated the packing, collection, delivery and installation of all the artworks from the Louvre, the Vatican museum, the Museum of Rome and other famous lenders.

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