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As an acknowledged authority in moving, storing and installing valuable artworks – our experience in exhibition logistics sits at the heart of our business. 

Our range of experience comes from supporting museums around the world. It includes every aspect of planning exhibitions and logistics, from single artworks to entire collections.

As a global company, we have a network of fine art specialist operations. We’re in a position to service you in the country of origin and at the exhibition location. This means planning and execution is more efficient as it reduces the coordination effort, paperwork and possible risks associated with more supplier handovers. 

We organise the entire process including skilled packing, customised crating, collection, transport to destination, unpacking, installation and hanging. We also coordinate the couriers and all transportation details including tickets, hotels, and customs formalities – a seamless service.

With a detailed and precisely timed plan, we guarantee artworks are always where you expect them to be.  

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