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Magnificent Italian, German, Islamic, Indian and Japanese suits of armor were presented in Turin as part of the Knights, Mamluks and Samuri exhibition. This rich display of eastern and western armors demonstrated the similarities and differences between how warriors were protected in various parts of the world.

The artworks

The exhibition presented more than 100 pieces. It also documented the painstaking work and constant research of the craftsmen and artists of the time who invented new shapes and decorations for new weapons and war gear to meet the needs of evolving tastes and combat techniques. The main lenders were the Stibbert Museum in Florence and Armeria Reale in Turin.

Crown’s solution

Crown Fine Art Italy packed and transported 100 items using 65 crates.

Services included:

  • Crate construction
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Crating
  • Transportation
  • Installation
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