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Crown Fine Art Dubai was recently entrusted with the sensitive installation of a large bronze sculpture at the Legatum Investment Group in the Dubai International Financial Centre. The newly opened Legatum Plaza stands at the podium level of the Centre making access, particularly difficult. The 400kg 3.5m sculpture had to be craned in and eased through narrow doors into the building’s entrance hall.

With heavy or difficult objects, you can’t afford to take for granted how it will behave when on the move. The Dubai fine art team created an exact scale replica of the piece and installed it in a mock run. Every step of the move was worked out and practiced to ensure that there would be no surprises when it came to the final installation. We also built a special low-loader trolley to ensure that the fragile sculpture could be transported safely.

The installation was a complete success, thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our crew.

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