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The Palazzo Te in Mantova is hosting an exhibition that, for the first time, explores the relations, exchanges and "crossfire" between Italian art after World War II and Soviet art of socialist realism. It reflects on Elective Affinities and cultural differences during the years of political opposition between communists and Christian Democrats. The international exhibition is full of documents not known to the public.

Crown Fine Art Italy took advantage of its international network and in collaboration with Crown Fine Art Russia, took care of the following services:

  • Sight visit at the lender based in Russia
  • Packing, crating and loading  
  • Export custom formalities
  • Fine art export formalities
  • Artworks transportation by road from Russia to Italy
  • Inbound custom formalities in Italy
  • Fine art import formalities for paintings and sculptures older than 50 years
  • Unloading, unpacking and installation on-site

The entire exhibition is made of literary texts, short stories, films, catalogues and magazines. We transported 100 paintings and sculptures from several locations in Italy and Moscow. Some of these artworks are famous included:

  • Renato Guttuso “Il Boscaiolo” 1950 - An oil on canvas piece to the size of 93.2x73.8 cm, Suzzara (Mantua), Galleria del Premio Suzzara
  • Chuikov S.A. “The daughter of soviet Kirghizia” 1948 - An oil on canvasto the size of 120x95 cm, Tret’jakov Gallery Moscow
  • Ioganson B.V. “Old Ural Factory” 1937 - An oil on canvas piece to the size of 265x320 cm,  Tret’jakov Gallery Moscow

The dimensions of some crates created a challenge and therefore, a whole truck and trailer was used for the transport.

Three Crown Fine Art branches were involved with this project: Milan, Moscow and Amsterdam. In total, the journey lasted five days, using two drivers and one courier from Tret’jakov Gallery.

This project reached national media in Italy, and outlined Crown’s involvement - This exhibition is a great example of Crown’s strength as international fine art transporter.

Photo credit: Gazzetta di Mantova, Italy

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