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In the Middle East, temperatures during July and August can exceed 50°C in the shade, with relative humidity ranging widely from 26% (dry) to 92% (very humid) over the course of the year. It is therefore vital that artworks sensitive to such conditions are well protected.

Our facility in Dubai offers a temperature and humidity controlled environment, specifically designed to provide the ideal conditions for works of art. Our unique AirLok™ for vehicles ensures continuity of climate from collection point in the city to its final destination in our facility.

Our warehouse is furnished with a purpose-built racking, dedicated cells for private collections, a viewing area and open spaces for large sculptures.
The Middle East (Dubai in particular) is a safe place to be, with crime rates lower than most countries. Nevertheless, Crown’s security systems are state of the art. A guard is stationed on the premises, 24 hours a day, assisted by infra-red CCTV throughout our facility.  Entrances and exits are only accessible with custom swipe cards, a measure particularly welcomed by fine art insurance underwriters.

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