Matching the materials to the work

Our in-house specialists produce crates for any artwork and any journey.

We produce crates to your specification, recognising that there are many competing crate designs but that you should be confident in the security and safety of all packing materials

Crates are made from fumigated wood and provide complete protective cushioning from shock or vibration. Interiors are lined to prevent friction damage and sealed to provide protection against a range of climate changes.

“When the museum needed to relocate, we called in the experts. We were confident that our precious artworks would be in safe hands.”

Jenny Wood, Senior Art Curator, Imperial War Museum

“It is always a pleasure when you secure the lid on a case, knowing that the work will be safe for the whole of its journey.”

My Story

Walter van Groningen, Packing Specialist, Amsterdam

I originally trained as a carpenter and furniture-maker. That background helps me in my job as a packing specialist since I really understand the fragility of materials and techniques. 

When art works travel by air, they are at their most vulnerable. Climate changes can be huge and vibration is always an issue.