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Crown Fine Art, Hong Kong was privileged to coordinate an exhibition for the Beijing Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

This exhibition was the first art exhibition held in Hong Kong organized by the Chinese PLA since the founding of the PRC.

In four days, the 216 artworks which included sculptures, calligraphy, oil paintings, engravings, water color and traditional Chinese ink paintings, were carefully packed into 97 wooden crates.

A week later, three 40-foot containers of artwork arrived in Macau and were installed by Crown Fine Art’s team at the famous Macau Tower.

At the conclusion of the Macau exhibition, the works of art were carefully repacked for transportation and exhibition in Hong Kong.

The Beijing Military Museum held high expectations for the protection of historic pieces and the installation required coordinated, efficient and enthusiastic teamwork because of limited time.

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