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The Amsterdam Museum recently selected Crown Fine Art Netherlands, in conjunction with Hermitage Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum, as the logistics provider for its latest exhibition entitled Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age. The project presented a number of challenges as some of the paintings were too large to handle, pack delicately and move safely through the entrance of the Hermitage Amsterdam – home to the exhibition.

In order to move the colossal group portraits into the historic building of the Dutch Hermitage, a part of the roof was lifted. This allowed Crown’s expert handlers to maneuver the enormous art works safely. Two of the 17th-century paintings were far too big and fragile to be transported in Crown’s trucks, and so, the team organized a flat-bed truck to transport the works of art. The use of a flat-bed truck had to be carefully planned, as it meant transporting the works in the open air!

Each crate was also made-to-measure and constructed to withstand hoisting forces applied by the rigging gear. The crated paintings weighed approximately 250-500 kilos.

All the paintings and other art works were successfully packed, shipped and installed by Crown Fine Art Netherlands for the new exhibition.

Cindy Zalm, Crown Fine Art Netherlands General Manager, commented: “When I see huge pieces of art soaring through the air, and our employees remain undeterred, I’m filled with enormous pride. We have demonstrated many times that we can successfully handle a range of projects, from the more complicated, to the day-to-day handling of smaller, delicate items.”

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