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Portait in Portrait is an exciting exhibition of Dutch and Flemish portraits from the 16th century to the present. Famous portraits from artists such as Frans Hals, Anthony van Dyck, Gerard Dou, Charley Toorop, Roger Raveel and Anton Corbijn are being showcased . The exhibition is unique. Its focus is on portraits that contain a second portrait in it. With such unique feature, each painting is double layered and invites the viewers to search for the second portrait and its possible meaning.

The exhibition showcases approximately 100 beautiful paintings from the Netherlands and many other countries. Crown Fine Art was selected to manage the project logistics and transport all of the paintings, including large group portraits and miniature ones, from museums across the world to the Dordrechts Museum at the center of the city of Dordrecht. Services provided include logistical planning, packing/crating, staffing as well as shipping and installation. The group portraits were especially challenging to manage. The largest one was more than 5 meters wide. Such large painting requires great expertise in fine arts handling. The Crown team completed the project with great success

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