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Crown Fine Art uses its own trucks to transport art works to destinations.

Our trucks all have air suspension, climate control, remote track-and-trace and alarm systems built-in. They all are equipped to maintain temperature and relative humidity, even during the most severe conditions, winter or summer.

As part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we are increasingly selecting vehicles for their environmental performance as well as safety.

For air transportation, our supervisors will oversee palletisation and loading, accompanying artworks at every stage in the transfer from truck, via customs, to aircraft loading and back.

Where artworks are carried by hand, we assist your couriers throughout the transportation stage, including through customs and onto the aircraft, ensuring that artworks are safely handled at all times.


It is always our intention to find efficiencies for you and if you are in agreement, we will look to consolidate shipments. An example of this is our regular Artlines service which is available to our European clients. Consolidation is available in many of our other offices, volume and service requirement permitting.

Dedicated shipments

Crown Fine Art’s dedicated shipments imply additional security and safety in fine art transportation. We give you greater control of the timing and ensure less handling of your shipment.

Even at this level of service it is possible, especially within Crown’s network, to economise with more efficient use of capacity.

Air freight

For air transportation, we offer a seamless air freight service, including all handling, brokerage and also witness loading supervisors and courier escort.

International sea freight

We also offer sea transportation for monumental works, or for large collections where there is more time available and container shipping is suitable. This is often a more economical method of transportation than air freight.

Customs and legal procedures

For international shipments, Crown Fine Art offers a complete service, taking care of any complications of customs procedures for both import and export shipments.

We will arrange all the necessary paperwork and, if required, supervise inspections.

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