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We always use our own trucks to transport artworks. Every truck has built-in air suspension, climate control, remote track-and-trace and alarm systems. They’re all equipped to maintain temperature and relative humidity, even during the most severe conditions.
Our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint means we are increasingly selecting vehicles for their environmental performance, as well as safety.


When transporting artworks by air, our supervisors oversee palleting and loading and accompany artworks at every stage: transfer from truck, customs and aircraft loading
When artworks are carried by hand, we’ll assist your couriers throughout the transportation, including through customs and onto the aircraft. This way, artworks are safely handled at all times.


It’s our intention to find you efficiencies. When suitable for you, and volume and service requirement permitting, it’s possible to consolidate shipments using our regular Artlines service. 

Dedicated shipments

Crown Fine Art’s dedicated shipments guarantee additional security and safety in fine art transportation. We give you greater control of the timing and ensure less handling of your shipment.
Even at this level of service it is possible, especially within Crown’s network, to economise with more efficient use of capacity.
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