Extra hands when you need them

Crown Fine Art provides project management services working in-house, typically to assist with exhibitions.

Our experienced and highly trained art handlers are available to support your teams working as art technicians within your museum.

They can be hired to perform day-to-day tasks or, more commonly, to assist during the installation or dismantling of an exhibition, temporary or permanent.

We also provide outsourced registrar services giving you more support when and where you need us.

Careful installation

Our technical experience in handling works of art makes us a wise choice for any installation.

We know how to plan installations from the smallest to the largest objects, from an art fair with hundreds of paintings, to an outdoor placement of a monument or sculpture.

Crucially, our people are well equipped to manage technical installations in the safest and most appropriate way.

Strict confidentiality and total security means complete peace of mind.

“Crown Fine Art has great team spirit. If anyone needs help no one ever refuses. We all help each other.”

My Story

Piera di Vincenzo,  

Fine Art Operations Manager 

It’s a great feeling to walk into an exhibition that I’ve been a part of organising. There are so many things to arrange and so much potential for delays, but when it all comes together it’s so satisfying.

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