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The exhibition was a large scale international museum event showcasing artefacts from Russia's Romanov dynasty. It offered over 400 exhibits, which included paintings, porcelain, amber, arms, bronze items and wonderful memorial (historical) dresses. The gem of the collection was the big coronation carriage of Alexander II. These items gave a clearer picture of the history and culture of Russia and, in particular, evidence of the long-lasting exchanges between Russia and China.

Crown Fine Art was appointed to pack all the exhibits on display and to transport the bulky carriage to Hong Kong in an assembled condition. 

To complete the transportation, the Crown Fine Art team specially-made a crate big enough to fit the bulky carriage, reaching a dimension of 555 x 240 x 280 cm. It was really important to develop a logistics plan to complete the delivery as it was such an over-sized exhibit. Everyone involved with the project was briefed and understood the plans at both origin and destination points. In addition, the team built 55 crates to pack and transport the remaining 427 exhibits. Overall, the complete exhibit required customs clearance for two trucks with trailers for each shipment and was moved using multi-mode transport: truck, ferry and airplane. The team were fantastic at ensuring communication was maintained as the project progressed.

The Crown Fine Art team's well-coordinated and professional work enabled them to provide a high-standard level of service delivery. The successful management of such a complicated project represented Crown Fine Art as a reliable business partner and a strong competitor of the industry.

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