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As part of the redevelopment project of Tung Wah Museum, our team in Hong Kong packed and stored their collection of plaques and couplets, some 100 years old. While the museum is closed for maintenance, we’ll store their invaluable relics in our secure site.

To commemorate the Tung Wah Hospital for its establishments and contributions to society, they were presented with all of the plaques and couplets, one of which, the “Hui Zhou Hai Wai” is 145 years old. Maneuvering these large items made from solid wood was challenging for our technicians because of their size, weight and fragility. The Museum is a two-storey building, which meant the team needed to build platforms and used a hoisting truck to remove the plaques from the ceiling. Some of the plaques were 200kg and over five meters long and moved through a window. The team completed the packing and storing in five working days.  

Situated in the Kwong Wah Hospital, the Tung Wah Museum, established in 1911, was declared a monument by the Hong Kong Government in 2010 for its high historical value. The building was converted into a museum to collect, preserve and display the archives and relics of the Group.

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