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The Branch office of Crown Fine Art in St. Petersburg is quite young, but in spite of this fact, it’s quite busy with numerous museums, galleries and private collectors’ projects. The office is situated in one of the oldest and most beautiful streets in the city centre.

One of the most interesting recent projects was, for example, the project for the great exhibition in Ufa, of Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov.

Ufa, the birthplace of Nesterov, is situated more than 2,000km from St. Petersburg, but holds an important place in the history of 20th century Russian art. At least 23 Russian museums collaborated in the exhibition, including five museums from St. Petersburg.

Crown Fine Art arranged  for all the packing and loading of artworks within a severely limited time frame for the project. All the registrars we worked with were really satisfied with the quality of our service and the well organised work of logistics coordinators both in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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